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Dry January (Again)

I started work in September 1986, and following a rather excessive first Christmas at work and back home, added to a rather sedentary existence compared to life at College, I woke up on January 1st 1987 and decided to give up booze for a month. For good measure I decided to give up bread, crisps, potatoes, and red meat for the month as well.

I lost over a stone in weight ……. and a tradition was set!

Today I start my 32nd Dry January. Over the years I have varied the length between just a month and once for two years (a post for another day maybe).

My weight loss has varied over the years as some years I have focussed on it, other years I have not been so bothered.

This year? Well the plan is to stay of the alcohol until we move back to the UK which is planned to take place on the 14th March 2019, so 72 dry days ahead for me, during which time I fully intend to do a lot more exercise and eat a lot less. As an ‘interesting’ aside based on the current schedule of pet transports between Spain and the UK and the move (me taking a car and stuff back to UK and sorting various tasks out, and Sands going over to sort her tasks and stuff) out of the 72 days Sands and I will be together for only 17 of them!

One last thing. I do have to smile at the thought that at long last I have become a trend setter!!! Dry January is now a ‘thing’, that people are encouraged to do for their health and to raise money for Cancer Research UK. If that’s you thing the link above will take you to their site where you can read the benefits and sign up.

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