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Election Fever

We are going to have an election then. I think it only fair that the people are allowed to decide the future regards Brexit, but I am far from convinced that an election is the right way, or indeed will result in a clear cut decision.

It could …… but it will require the political parties to be clear and unambiguous, and the public to actually engage both their brains and in the election process.

Personally I have always felt (and still do) that a Second Referendum was the only way to really resolves the Brexit stalemate.

An advisory referendum which gave no clear advise (there is no denying the Leave vote was shared between those that expected a deal and those that expected no deal), to a parliament that (undemocratically) would not accept a no deal, was never going to result in a clear, unambiguous decision, and if nothing else the future required this.

No matter how many attempts, how many people cried fowl, until it was no longer possible to argue against the decision, we would never be able to ‘move on’

There is a problem with a second referendum for sure. A referendum needs to be binary, an either/or. Leave or Remain. Legally binding. But …. what is the definition of Leave? For many it will always be a no deal, for others a deal (but of course ….. which deal).

Maybe an election is the way forward ……

I think two things need to happen:

  1. The parties need to align themselves clearly as to their Brexit position. It is nearly there: Conservatives Leave, Lib Dem Remain, Labour Second Referendum based on Leave with a Deal or Remain. Brexit Party will be Remain (so conflict or conspire with Conservatives), SNP, Green etc will be Remain so aligned with the Lib Dems.
  2. The public need to forget about historical, lifetime voting patterns. Reality is that Brexit is for Life, the next Government for 5 years. Forget the other issues, life will go on, it’s never as good/bad as they say it will be, but Brexit will genuinely alter things for generations to come.

As to what will happen, are so many permutations but my guess is a Labour led Government aided by Lib Dems and SNP (who will compromise on a second referendum) followed by a Second Referendum based on current deal (let’s assume EU wont renegotiate) or remain.

And the result of that? Remain.

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