Error 1418

Just got off the phone (well Skype) with my father in Florida. My Mum has just bought a new iPod Shuffle – but they are getting error 1418 whenever they try and restore! They are trying to restore because although that have managed to transfer some music over initially they can’t remove that music and replace it.

I had a quick look on the forum and some guy had posted that apple have said that 1418 is a known error with the hard drive and they will replace it. My folks are heading back to the Apple Store in Tampa International Mall this afternoon (say hi if you see them!).

Will be great if they get it replaced – but Shuffle, hard drive? Doesn’t make sense to me as they use flash right???

8 thoughts on “Error 1418

  1. darren rolfe

    If I were them I would try for a switcheroo!

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    That’s the plan. The Tampa store is good. They swapped my first generation one out for me before!

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    That bad? Seems like they are still having problems. Got this email overnight from my father:

    “NO luck. We have an appointment back at the Apple Store at 1 pm.

    When the iPod was first used it loaded automatically. I should have checked the don’t button but didn’t see it until too late. However, when it was loading things happened on the screen saying how long to go etc.

    Then I decided to load Favourites and it didn’t take. So I tried RESTORE and that lasted for ages (1 hour). So I switched off and started again. The iPod seemed empty. So I tried restore agin and got the 1418 code.

    Am taking Mum’s computer with me tomorrow.”

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