February macCompanion

I see that the February issue of the macCompanion is out. For some reason or other my Mac isn’t showing the magazine on-line, only as a download so you can get it at the above link.

I like what they are doing with the changes in layout and design. Not all of it is to my taste, but it is starting to look a lot more like a magazine these days, so well done those doing the actual work on this!

At 173 pages it is a very long read! I like Mike’s article on page 92 on Digital Photography Expert Techniques as I reviewed this book some time ago and came to a very similar conclusion. Indeed I am in the middle of re-reading it as part of my DSLR decision making process. Mike is much more advanced that I am so he probably understood more about it than I did at the time, but I am catching you up Mike!

MacJounal on page 58, again by Mike looks interesting. I am reviewing something similar at the moment.

If the last giveaway is anything to go by this current “I Love My Mac” Gift-Away will be worth signing up for.

3 thoughts on “February macCompanion

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    Guess who the reviewer in the article that uses MacJournal to write all his stuff? Yep, I purchased Mac about a month or so ago, and have used it ever since for everything. Most every blog post I make I make with MacJournal. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

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