FlickrExport at $12 is a plugin for iPhoto providing a direct export interface to Flickr.flickrexport.jpg
From their site:

FlickrExport for iPhoto provides a comprehensive set of features for getting your images from iPhoto to Flickr:

* Edit photo titles and descriptions, and add tags to them.
* Save time – FlickrExport can update iPhoto’s database with the titles and descriptions you give your photos.
* Save your Flickr bandwidth allowance – FlickrExport for iPhoto can resize your photos before uploading.
* Create a new photoset with your photos, or add them to an existing photoset.
* Automatically send your photos to a Group Pool on Flickr.
* Choose from a list of your Flickr tags and add them to your photos before uploading.

From my experience:

Truly excellent! Saves time tagging, easy to install and use (although it took a while to work out that in iPhoto I had to go into File/Export to use it), with an exceptionally well thought out interface.


I really like this application. I use Flickr a lot, but not every day, so very often I am faced with a large number of photo’s to upload at one time. By the time i have imported them into iPhoto and keyworded, tagged, sorted them I was always pretty frustrated (or is that bored?) by the time I had to upload them to Flickr. To be able to do it from within iTunes with the same data attached is immensely satisfying.

Naturally there is a demo version available, and if you do buy the product I would recommend the ConnectedFlow Blog as a source of updates and information.

System Requirements: FlickrExport for iPhoto requires Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later on PowerPC Macs and 10.4 or later on Intel Macs – with iPhoto 4.x, 5.x or 6.x installed.

And finally, it would seem a little remise of me not to point you in the direction of my own Flickr Account. This is an account I set up to record the pictures of the RockDoves that have adopted us here in Spain.

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