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Gary pointed this out to me as something that you may be interested in: For an unspecified limited time, DivX is giving away free serial numbers to their DivX Pro software, which makes it possible to create DivX-encoded videos on the Mac (a Windows version is also available). DivX is a compressed digital media format for video, much as MP3 and AAC are compressed digital media formats for audio. Read all about it on Wikipedia if you’re interested in the gory details.

Normally $19.99, DivX Pro for Mac is a bundle of four applications, DivX Player (for playing DivX videos on the Mac, DivX Web Player (for extending playback functionality to the Web), DivX Pro Codec (necessary for encoding video in DivX format), and DivX Converter (the application that works with the codec to create DivX videos).

If you don’t create video at all, there’s nothing wrong with downloading the free version of DivX Pro, but you can get just the parts you need to play DivX-encoded videos for free any time. The DivX for Mac bundle includes the DivX Player, DivX Web Player, and the DivX Community Codec, which I gather can only decode DivX video, with encoding being restricted to the DivX Pro Codec.

Thanks [TidBits] and of course Gary

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11 thoughts on “Free DivX Pro

  1. Dunks

    Oooh! I Like free, will take a look. Interested to know more about div x and how useful it would be for adding content to a website. Have been looking at adding screencasts and video clips to school learning environment and wonder what the best format would be to allow largest number of students/parents to access without having to download extra software/plug-ins – bearing in mind the majority use Windows as an OS 🙁

  2. Mac Sokulski

    This would have been good news a few years ago, when I was on a windows platform. Right now having a mac-centric house hold I only use aac and h.264 codecs.
    I still think flash video is best for web distribution as it is available on both macs and peecees by default. Also flash apparently supports h.264 decoding, so even more reasons to go with flash.

  3. Mac Sokulski

    They are popular no doubt, but I would not call them standard in video distribution. Most video you get from the web is flash/quicktime/windows media/ and some RA. I haven’t seen one site that distributes it’s video using divx or xvid codec, besides the divx own website.

  4. Wayne LeFevre

    @Mac – That’s why I put “distribution” in quotes. It’s pretty much the standard in torrents and newsgroup binaries. Or, so I’ve heard…

  5. Mac Sokulski

    🙂 . right I got it…. unfortunately besides those distribution mediums divx and xvid hasn’t really caught on. Yes there are some dvd/divx players, but they are becoming a rarity. Probably that is why Divx is giving away free serial numbers for their app. To spur interest. Too little too late in my opinion.

  6. jeremy

    I followed the link and downloaded the bundle but there was no mention of the pro version being free

  7. Gary

    @Jeremy – I wonder if you missed the free-serial-number link? (It’s right at the beginning of the first paragraph in the TidBITS article.) I just checked it out just now and it’s still there.

    I received my serial number within a couple of minutes or so. I then proceeded to download the installer (which I’ve yet to install!).

  8. jeremy

    @ Gary,

    Thanks for that tip. It worked a treat. (That window didn’t appear the first time I went to their site)

    I wonder if I’ll ever get to use this software, I use Visual Hub to convert video, which is superb

  9. Wayne LeFevre

    And another thing that I am finding out today. There are a lot DVD players that will play DivX video files straight from the disk, but none that will play mp4! 🙁

  10. dunks

    [quote comment=”23063″]I still think flash video is best for web distribution as it is available on both macs and peecees by default.[/quote]

    Interesting to hear your opinion Mac, kind of what I thought but unsure if I was correct!

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