Happy Anniversary Dinky Donuts

Three (3) years ago today Dinky and her Donuts entered our lives, and it could not have worked out better. Keeping them all together and watching them grow up together and forge their own relationships with the other cats has been one of the best things that we have done.

It was the donuts birthday yesterday so check out some recent photos.

Dinky remains a little timid of us but she is fully engaged with the other cats, uses the whole of the Cottage and Garden, has her favourite places and treats, and I stroke her several times a day and she continues to become more relaxed.

Evie and Millie are rarely far from their Mum, and like Dinky they live the garden. They are also fond of a fuss on the bed and spend a lot of time playing together.

Cody, Ferdi and Xavi are fine young men. Love a fuss, full of character and a delight to have in our lives.

Just what every kitchen needs!!! Cody and Ferdi.

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