Happy Anniversary Dusky

It is thirteen (13) years since we found Dusky on the beach in Almerimar. He has coped well with the loss of his partner in crime Oscar and continues his ongoing battle with Tobi which means a couple of times a week they stalk each other.

Other than that he remains the laid back dude he has always been: chattering away none stop as he ambles around, an ever present in the kitchen when he thinks treats are required, and very friendly still with Kasper.

We have noticed that when we lose an older cat, one of the younger one ‘steps up’. Not in a “good, my turn way”, but when Oscar died Dusky who was always behind him when they came into the kitchen, now leads the way. Likewise Ferdi has taken the space on the sofa in the evening vacated by Oscar.

It is a natural progression and is bitter/sweet: sad that it’s not the original cat, but feels like the ‘new’ cat is keeping the tradition going.

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