Happy Anniversary Fleur

Two years ago today Sands and I were having a drink in a friends bar here in Spain when Sands phone rang, and changed the world of little Fleur for ever.

Found with the remains of what we assume was her sibling, she had a badly broken leg, to such an extent that the vet ventured the opinion that she might be better off being put to sleep.

Never an option the vet did a remarkable job on her, pinning her leg in two places, and Sands and I then ensured she was never alone for the three weeks that she took to heal.

The plan had been to foster her while she recovered and then find here a home in Germany and indeed there were no shortage of offers for her!

Not surprisingly we fell in love with her, and more importantly she with Moreno and Oscar ….. so she stayed, becoming number 4!

Now fully grown, but remarkably small, she remains besotted with Moreno and best friends with Oscar, and now Dusky. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth you would think from these photos, but she is a real bitch when she wants to be, and thinks nothing of chasing Oscar and Dusky and giving them hell. She is also the escape artist amongst them, being the only one that can still escape off our roof, although fingers crossed we think we have put an end to that now.

She remains nervous around people, but does warm to them after a couple of days on the rare occasions that we have anybody to stay!

So today little lady I am driving back from Germany so you enjoy your day and the treats that Sands has lined up for you. I will call in for a drink on the way home to the bar where it all started for you and I, and I will have a drink and give thanks that we have you in our life, and that you are enjoying your life so much, and then I will come home and we can go up on the roof and play your favourite games!

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