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Happy Anniversary Hollie

Happy Anniversary Hollie, One (1) year you have been living with us. Has to be said you were one of the unplanned ones! Sands came across her at Pechina and always said what a lovely lady she was, and missed her when she found a home. Months later she was back, with a badly damaged paw and Sands couldn’t leave her like that.

The original plan was foster home in Almerimar, then a home in UK and we would fund her foster and the transport.

Soon became apparent that she wouldn’t be going anywhere quickly as her paw was a lot worse that we had originally thought, so no home in UK until that was sorted, and the time available at the foster soon ran out so ….. she came to rehab with us.

Of course she is still here, and will remain with us, although it is true that she is going to live in the UK.

Bless her the paw is still not 100%. basically she lost what on a human would be the 4b fingers so she has had a real struggle generating new skin and she still wears a cone most days. The wound has healed, and will one day be 100%, but she has to stop licking the new skin as she doesn’t give it a chance to heal.

She has been a truly excellent patient though, has slotted in with the Galgos extremely well, and has been no problem with the cats either. She has responded well to her diet to improve her Kidney’s and is a sweet loving lady, if a tad over protective at times …. but only by barking.

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