Happy Anniversary Marti

Seven (7) years today we have had the most amazing Marti in our lives, and every day he has brought joy and happiness, as he does to everyone he meets. Adopted in no small part because he had been fostered with dogs and we wanted to get a dog friendly cat to grow up with Tito, he has also been the most amazing friend to Tobi.

We often call him out fourth dog (well fifth really as we can never forget Teo) as he rushed out to the garden to meet us when we come home as do the dogs! He is however 100% the purrfect cat, and will sit on visitors knees for hours if they let him, and let’s be honest of they didn’t they would hear that long!!

As we wanted a cat that got along with dogs I thought I would post some photos so you can judge if we got one!

With Teo and Tigra days after we adopted him
Teo was truly handsome and so glad he got to know Marti.
With Tito, two nutters together!
Agaion, with Tito in Spain, they bonded straight away.
With Hollie
Again, with Tito with Tigra just behind
His real bestie, Tobi

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