Happy Anniversary Moreno

Seventeen (17) years today we picked Moreno up from the bottom our our street in Almerimar, carried him into our Apartment having decided to adopt him and base ourselves in Spain, and our lives changed completely. Of the many things I did not imagine was the fact that seventeen years later he would still be so dominant in our lives, and I could not be happier!

He really has had a remarkable influence on our lives and so many cats and dogs that we have helped because of him, but the most remarkable and heart warming thing is just how little he has changed! Yes he is older, thinner, slower and has some arthritis, but his mannerisms, his attitude, his role as boss, his routines are all the same, and long may that continue.

His first night! He had some food, a drink, used the litter tray and then he just sat with me and purred and padded and took control of my heart.
Seventeen years later and he we are still cuddling, every night he comes onto the bed has a drink from a water glass, a few pies and then settles in for a snuggle
Day one with Fleur, the second love of his life, who is has protected and loved since the day we rescued her with her broken leg and hip.
It is remarkable how much has changed in the seventeen years we have had Morenand the thirteen we have had Fleur, but at the same time nothing has changed. We are all older, slower, creakier, but these two remain the same, just older versions.

Happy anniversary my friend, my inspiration, my hero, you could not be more loved and I will continue to enjoy each and every day with you X

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