Chris Marshall

Happy Anniversary Sophie (RIP)

It is hard to believe that it is four (4) years today that walking down the beach with Teo (RIP) and Tigra I heard a small meow, tracked it down to a bush, and 20 minutes later had a small, feisty Sophie in my arms.

We had a bit of a moment when we got her into the van and she wiggled free and disappeared behind the dash, but we got her out and back home.

There was never ever any doubt she was going to live with us, and she certainly didn’t disappoint.

She was such a darling. Loved everything and everyone and we were not at all prepared to find that she had FIP. She went in for her sterilisation and was basically full of fluid.

We tried everything for her and she was so brave and strong, but in the end she couldn’t fight any longer and she died in bed with us.

Miss her every day, more so of course on her anniversary, and would have so loved her to have experienced life here in the UK. Her plaque is on the memorial wall along with Teo and Orla, and her ashes and photo are with them as well in the dining room. We brought a cutting over from the bush that we found her in and it is ding really well, a daily reminder of our special Princess


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