Chris Marshall

Happy Anniversary Tigra

Five (5) years ago we brought Tigra home to live with us: well mainly with her new man Teo. Teo sadly is no longer with us, but Tigra continues to fill our lives full of joy on a daily basis along with her young ‘brother’ Tito and of late her new ‘big sister’ Hollie.

She remains nervous of new people, and extremely wary of children, but she is so much more confident that when she arrived. Teo without doubt did a brilliant job in calming her and showing her the way, and the nutter that is Tito has dragged her along with him as he embraces life and everybody he meets in it full on.

She has never had a problem with the cats, and once she has got to know people she remembers them and is very excited to see them.

Have a great day Princess you are very much loved indeed!

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