Happy Anniversary Tito

Five (5) years with this idiot in our lives, and every day he makes me smile. Adopted to be a new friend for Tigra and to take the pressure off Teo during his final weeks, and to be a friend to Marti and Tobi he has been nothing less than brilliant ….. and stupid!

Daft as a brush, loves everybody and everything he is an amazing dog and has exceeded what we hoped for with Teo, Tigra and the cats.

I picked him up from Cadiz at the start of a transport and left him with Charlotte for 10 days.
Our first night. We had one night together at Charlotte’s. Fair to say he was relaxed.
Born to run!
And very cute
Siesta on the roof in Spain
Not a cone of shame, but the top of a waste bin!
Has always been a big baby, as has Tito!!
Relaxed to say the least
Yep, relaxed!
Has been brilliant with Tigra in ensuring she didn’t miss Teo (too much) and keeping her young.
Gets on with all the cats (Tobi)
Has to be involved in everything.
With his mentor Teo. They didn’t have long together. I know Teo would be proud of him. When I took Teo for his last walk before we took him to the vets, Tito wouldn’t go with Sands. He came sprinting down the street so he could walk with us.
Adores his Cozy Beds (we have 6!!)
No idea, he is daft!

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