Happy Anniversary Tobi

Six years ago today I spent 90 mins releasing a very small, very grubby, and very stubborn Tobi out from a car engine on the side of the road near the vets. we had recently lost Sophie and were at the vets to discuss treatment options for Teo so it has always felt that saving little Tobi was done in their memory.

He has turned into a big lump of love. Besotted still with Marti (they are best of mates), but very keen for a snuggle with both Sands and I and he spends a lot of time in the garden with Xavi, Codie and Ferdi.

Cleaned up at vets but still grubby this is his first evening with us in the apartment on Spain.
Just a week later he was already fully enjoying his life with us!
Very much grown up and at home here in the UK.

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