Happy Birthday Donuts

The Donuts are two (2) years old today. They are all grown up now with their personalities and habits but one think they all have in common is how beautiful they, inside and out.

It has been a total joy watching the grow up. They remain a very bonded family, but at the same time have created friendships with the other cats and have created their very own personalities.

Cody: look angry a lot of the time but is so sweet and friendly. Loves the garden and rather strangely sleeping on the kitchen counter!

Evie: a late bloomer in a way she is now a right darling. Loves her treats, sleeps on the bed with is and adores a tummy tickle

Ferdi: the gentle one, absolutely loves a tummy tickle and a fuss, he is just so so sweet

Millie: still a little hesitant but she loves a fuss, jumps on the bed and joins in for treats. She is a little like Fleur and keeps herself to herself a lot bit is a beautiful lady.

Xavi: one of the boys for sure. Not the biggest fan of a fuss, but asks for one at times. Loves the garden and spends a lot of time with the older cats.


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