Happy Birthday Fleur

Our little (literally) girl is twelve (12) years old today!

Fleur arrived small and vulnerable and she has remained that way. She is a very small cat, with a huge heart and an even bigger attitude and she totally and absolutely adores Moreno.

She is never far from him, spends her nights on the bed between him and me, and her days on the various beds and strategic viewing places around the house and garden.

She is one of the cats we were concerned may find the move to UK difficult but she has thrived. We thought she may find the arrival of the Donuts stressful but she has been great with them and has a new friend in Evie.

A very very special lady, she remains timid and vulnerable but she is very very happy and extremely content with her life.

Our morning ritual, she insists on going under the duvet and under my legs for a bit of a play and a snooze.
With her man Moreno. They spend every night snuggled up together in the crook of my arm.
She is tiny, but feisty and not afraid of the dogs.
Loves the Garden
On Guard duty
Has always liked being on top!!!

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