Happy Birthday Fleur

Fleur our beautiful (self appointed) Office Cat is four (4) years old today.

Our first ‘real’ rescue cat she found our way to us with a very badly broken back leg, that required pinning and immobilizing for a month.

Miguel the vet did an amazing job repairing her leg which initially looked like it would have to be amputated, and then Sands and I spent a month ensuring at least one of us was with her at all times.

And of course Moreno ….. love at first sight he took her under his wing from day one and they remain ‘the lovers’ to this day.

Fleur remains the least confident of the cats around new people (not a huge issue as we don’t exactly encourage people into the apartment) and is the least comfortable around the dogs (in particular Tigra), but she improves each week with the dogs and has very much made the office her domain.

In fact since we have had the dogs we have seen far more of her as she has set up camp in the office on her new bed, with a water fountain, and a couple of food bowls.

She doesn’t like prawns, loves Tuna and will have some white fish along with her buddies for her birthday treat today.

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