Happy Birthday Fleur

Fleur aka Office Cat is five (5) years old today, and it promises to be one of her best ever because she is finally back on ‘full form’ having taken a year or so to be fully comfortable with Teo & Tigra (well to be honest with Tigra).

Fleur is by far the most nervous of our cats following her traumatic start to life and while she is very comfortable with us and the other cats (as the photos show) she is unsure of humans and finds Tigra too boisterous.

Over the last 3 or 4 months Tigra has calmed down and Fleur has got more confident so she is back to her old self, enjoying a variety of her own places: she has made the office and balcony her domains but is spending more time on the roof and in the bedroom and TV Room.

Her favourite treat? Dried chicken treats which she will be enjoying with her pals today, inc Tigra who once ate a whole box of them!!

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