Chris Marshall

Happy Birthday Hollie

We think Hollie is nine (9) years old today. We have no idea really as she spent at least two years in a rescue, they have no records of where she came from, and she has no front teeth from years living on the streets.

In many ways she is starting life again this year, not only in a new country with us in the UK, but pain free and totally mobile again now her paw is fixed.

At times she looks like she could be 12, at others 2, as she has bursts of energy when out with Tito and Tigra and it is a joy to see her running, playing and being so happy.

She is such a sweet old lady, Sands deserves a huge amount of credit for rescuing her, and Mick and Micky will always have our deepest appreciation for their help in her early days in foster with them.

Happy birthday sweetheart xx

giff gaff

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