Happy Birthday Kasper

Handsome Kasper is eleven (11) years old today. Still very much a ‘character’ and most certainly a ‘daddy’s boy’ he remains a very handsome young man.

Quite a loner really. He is fine with all the other cats and dogs, but if feels crowded or has his space invaded he can have a pop at them, including Tito! He spends the night on the bed between one of our legs, and the day following the sun around and enjoying his usual spots. He spends a lot of time with Moreno and Fleur, remains great friends with his first ever friend Dusky, has got to like Marti a lot and just makes our life better for being in it.

Cute kitten, he immediately took to me and would spend hours curled up asleep on me.
Kiss for Daddy. This was shorty after Sands had taken him in and then gone to the UK leaving us to bond …. smart move!!
Helping me with a glass of wine during a video chat with my parents during Covid. We did this daily at 6.30pm and he would down in the kitchen waiting for me!
More supervisor than helper!
Mr Motivator. He sits on my stomach pretty much every time I do my stretches and abs!

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