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Happy Birthday Kasper

Kasper aka The Nutter is seven (7) years old today. Slightly frightening how quickly the time goes, as really does only seem like yesterday he was picked up in Murcia, tied up outside a market, aged about 6 weeks and brought to us.

Funny fella is our Kapser. He is a little highly strung, and his anxiety manifests itself in the odd lurch at the other cats, and even Tito at times. Feisty he most certainly is!

He was the most affected by the move back to the UK, but this last month he has really found his paws again! He sleeps on our bed every night, sits on my knee in the mornings, sits on a wall bed in the living room in the evening, and has started to really enjoy the garden – not least the Summer House when I am sat in having a drink.

Dusky remains his best mate. Marti especially would love to be his mate, and he is certainly much better with Marti and Tobi here in UK than he was in Spain, but they are not the best of friends yet.

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