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Happy Birthday Marti

A happier birthday today as we celebrate the fact that Marti is one (1) today!

We were first made aware of Marti when Sands was asked if she could help Re-Home him, as he was already in his third foster home, having been hand fed and reared from birth.

He has always lived with dogs so loved dogs, and had little exposure to other cats.

We had always wanted to have a cat & dog combination i.e. that were good friends rather than just got along as all our other cats and dogs do.

Having just had the diagnosis for poor Teo, and having decided to get Tito who was only three months old we were VERY tempted to adopt Marti, but hadn’t done anything about it.

And then we met Tobi on a visit to the vets to discuss treatment for Teo. While we had never planned to adopt poor Sophie we did feel that her death meant we had no reason not to give another cat a home as we sort of ‘had a space’ (hence the thoughts regards Marti), but the circumstance of finding Tobi, and his look, were so similar to that of Sophie it seemed like fate that he would take her space.

So that was sort of it for Marti …..

Except we felt a little guilty, and had the thought that maybe two kittens of a similar age would integrate better with the other cats as they would be less intrusive on what was already established. And we knew Marti loved dogs so if he got along with Tito, maybe that would encourage Tobi and then who knows regards Tigra etc etc

So we adopted Marti as well, and it couldn’t have worked out better.

He and Tobi are inseparable, and we couldn’t have asked for two better additions to the family. Marti and Tito are great friends and play and sleep together all the time, and Tobi is great with Tito and Tigra.

Marti is a true charachter: plays with everyone, loves a snuggle, loves his food and really couldn’t give us any more pleasure.

Love the little guy to bits and so so happy that he lives with us!!

Enjoy your day little man, we will enjoy it with you!


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