Happy Birthday Moreno

Moreno is eighteen (18) today! He is an amazing cat, and although he has lost two of his lifelong friends (his mate Oscar) and his woman (Fleur), he has taken that in his stride as he has everything in his life, and still remains the boss: adored by myself and Sands and loved by all the other cats.

I can not overstate how much he means to me, or how significant an impact he has had on our lives and literally over 10,000 lives of other cats and dogs, and his legacy will run for many a year a year.

No getting away from the fact that he is older, slower, and has issues with his back, BUT he is 18, he is 100% still our Moreno and he loves life: he sleeps on the bed with me, curled up now with Kasper for company now we have lost Fleur, and usually with Marti and Evie in attendance. Whilst he can access all the food and water bowls he does like his water hand served in a glass, and we have a couple of calls during the night for a snack. In the morning he likes a stroll round the garden before some wet food, a a few chicken treats and most days a little play with one of his many friends, before heading for a cat bed under the bed, quite often with Dinky to keep him company.

Mid afternoon he pops up for stroll, some treats, a drink and a fuss and to check everything is how it should be before a siesta and then an evening stroll round the garden, more treats and water in the lounge, and then he will be up on the bed waiting for me when I go to bed.

One day this wont happen physically but it will always happen in my mind. Hopefully that day is some way off still as he really is enjoying life and is so active and engaged with everything as ever.

So today, as I do every day, I will be thankful that we have him, and give him everything that he wants!

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