Happy Birthday Moreno

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A HUGE Happy Birthday to Moreno who is Nine (9) years old today.

I have said before, and will never get bored of repeating, that he is without doubt the reason that Sands and I have been so involved in (her) cat re-homing project and (our) pet and rescue animal transport business over the years.

He is the reason that we remain based in Spain: a key factor in our decision to adopt him was that we were ready to settle here for a while!!!

Not only have we got him to thank for bringing Saidi, Orla (RIP), Oscar, Fleur, Dusky, Kasper, Teo and Tigra into our lives but 1700+ cats that we have transported, the 1500+ dogs we have transported and the 1,000+ cats that Sands has re.homed all owe him a huge thanks.

I never tire of his company and love nothing better than when he snuggles up as he did on his very first night with us, and of course he gets prawns on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Special One, and many many more of them as well x

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