Happy Birthday Moreno

The most amazing cat, Moreno, is fifteen (15) years old today. Fully recovered from his little pre Christmas episode he remains very much Top Cat.

I write this post one handed as I have done many a time over the years as he is snuggled into my arm, fast asleep on my knee having had his usual morning cuddle.

At night he sleeps curled up in my arm, as he always has, usually these days with Fleur wedged in-between us.

Older of course and with a little arthritis in his front left shoulder he us still very much the same old Mori: meowing in the middle of the night to have the tap turned on in the bathroom, prowling the garden calling to his extended family to come and join him.

Still playful he loves The Cottage and gets on with all the animals. He has always been brilliant with the new cats, and he is great with Dinky and the Donuts.

Handsome Moreno on the roof in Spain
A young Moreno
Snuggling. He has done this since day one and is a daily activity that I wouldn’t miss for anything. I simply adore him.
If I had to pick one of the hundreds of photos we have of him.
Enjoying the sunshine in the Summer House earlier this year.

Happy birthday best friend, and I hope we celebrate many more together xxx

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