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Happy Birthday Tigra

Today I am six (6) years old and let me tell you what a great six (6) years they have been – well apart from the first couple of months when I was unwanted, discarded and thrown over a wall into a rescue, where I was extremely fortunate to end up at 112 Carlota Galgos being looked after my Charlotte.

It is there that Sands spotted me, and as Chris and her were looking for a friend for Teo they came down to see me. Now my luck really changed because everyone thought I was older than I was (hence thinking I was a good age for Teo) but I broke my leg (OK that wasn’t such good luck) and when the vet saw my bones he said I was actually a lot younger that people thought.

In ‘their’ defence i was basically skin and bone when I was rescued, but I am so thankful that Sands wasn’t worried about my age, or having to wait while my leg mended, so after a 6 weeks recovery I was picked up, carried into a van, drive up a motorway, and carried into a new home.

I was a little scared I admit, but it took me all of two hours before I found that I liked sofas!!

Life has been good since then, with the exception of losing my guardian and mentor Teo who without doubt settled me down, showed me the way and made me into the Glaga I am today

It was a sad day also when we said good bye to little Sophie who was such a sweet little girl and we had become good friends.

And then of course there is Tito, one big bundle of amazing energy and happiness who has really helped me become more confident.

In the street when we met people Teo bless him was very ambivalent – if they wanted to say hello to him he was fine nut as a rule he just kept himself to himself. Tito is the opposite. He will go up and say hello to a shadow! Everybody loves him and he loves everyone so I have slowly learnt to be more trusting around people.

As you may have read we are heading to the UK next year, but for now life in Spain continues: the beach, the nature reserve, the sofa, good food, a siesta on the roof, and lots of love.

I am really looking forward to the last few months here and then our new adventure especially as we are not leaving Spain for good and we will back each year for 2-4 months.

For now though …… where is my chicken????!!!!

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