Chris Marshall

Hard To Find Any Sympathy

So 18 million Brits aren’t able to afford a holiday this year and I have to say I find it hard to get too excited about the fact, or to summon up too much (if any) sympathy.

The overall impression given ‘these days’ is that people seem to feel that they are ‘entitled’ to a holiday every year, a new car every two years, the latest gadget, current fashion items and a meal out a couple of times a week.

Of course this isn’t true about everybody, and a significant majority can only dream of such luxuries, but that to me is the point that is being missed these days.

The above are all luxuries: or at least they were when I was growing up! I recall we had 3 new cars in my first 18 years, and I still recall vividly the birthday meal we went out for on my 13th birthday because it was a big event, we hardly ever went out to eat, so when we did it meant something.

We were fortunate to go on holiday to Spain and then Greece when I was in my teens, but before that I don’t recall holidays as such, the occasional ‘day out’ and a few overnight stays in my Godfathers caravan.

I am not saying the old days were better, but I struggle to see them as worse, and rather like John Major’s much derided ‘back to basics’ message, I can’t help but feel that a little trip back down memory lane and the implementation of the values that we had to live by wouldn’t do us any harm.

The simple fact is that the world has become far too greedy, and lazy: we want more for less, and heaven help us if we can’t have it ‘all’ right ‘now’.

So sorry, no sympathy! I can’t see that it will do anyone any harm to go without a bit this year, and for all of you that argue the case for the tourist businesses: it is called supply and demand, and letting the market find it’s natural level is no bad thing, and after all enough people have had it pretty good for many years so surely they put some aside for lean times …….. another virtue installed in my generation, and if you didn’t then as my Mum says: “more full you”!

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