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Thanks to Wayne for pointing this out to me. He is a fellow Mac mini owner and has been following my attempts to get the Mac mini set up as the hub of my digital network.

This Macworld UK article is a particularly interesting read, and addresses a number of the issues that so far I have encountered. The main difference is that the article starts from scratch with the Mac mini, whilst I am trying to “back in” the Mac mini to my existing set up and equipment.

What we have in common however is the fact that you aren’t going to even get close to making it the hub without spending money (and quite a bit) on extra software and hardware, and that even then with the technology as it stands it isn’t really going to be a digitized hub for some time to come.

Additionally I am finding other practicality issues in terms of real day to day use as opposed the more technical “laboratory style” adopted in these type of reviews.

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    such generousity!!! let me get back to you on that one when i have had time to think about it ……

    ….. no thanks 🙂

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