Macworld 2007 – “The Keynote”, Where will you be?

What are you going to say to your kids and grandkids in years to come when they ask “where were you when the iPhone got announced?”Last year when the intel announcement was made I had owned my PowerBook for all of one day when the keynote was presented at Macworld 2006, so I am not sure that it really registered, other than a curse or two as to why I hadn’t waited of course!!!

During WWDC06 I spent a really fun hour or so iChatting away with a couple of other MacMates as we watched the keynote come through on MacRumors.

Well tomorrow I have the opportunity to go one step further and participate in a live conference call during the Keynote Speech (9 PST), which is a collaboration between NameNetwork, MacUsersForum, Devon Technologies and I guess MyAppleStuff, as I somehow seem to have agreed to host it. The chat will be recorded and distributed later as a podcast.

And do you know what? Everyone can participate (well up to 500) thanks to Skype, ‘hand raising’ and some stuff that I probably don’t understand.

I do know what you need to do though if you want to participate:

If you are a Skype user call +990008275344690 which is a FREE number and you will be connected automatically. That is all you need to do.

If you are calling from the US call 1-712-432-4990 (long distance costs apply).

In Europe, call: Germany 01805 00 7620 UK 0870 119 1313

AND when prompted use the registration code 5344690, which is the conference room you want to join.

At the same time I will be keeping an eye on the ShareMacworld site to see what pictures they post. Well bandwidth permitting I will be – I expect there will be some pretty heavy usage tomorrow.

Whatever you are doing – have a good one. Hopefully you will find time to pop along for a chat? I am intrigued to see how this all works as I have heard mixed things about previous large scale phone conference calls.

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3 thoughts on “Macworld 2007 – “The Keynote”, Where will you be?

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  2. wingnut rolfe

    Any plans to publish the keynote discussion as a podcast?

    Obviously I missed it, but would be interested to hear what was said. What did you think of it all? Are you going to be hooking up an iTV to your TV?

    The one thing that bugs me is that we still can’t buy the films online in the UK?



  3. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Apparently it is been cleaned as we speak – but my guess is it will be a while yet. And yes, it will be posted on my site (although maybe only as a link)

    What do i think? Actually not that much to be honest! The iPhone looks great but not something am interested in. I hope that the others in the range attract me more.

    Apple TV? Nope! I don’t see me using iTunes to download movies. I subscribe to Sky + and get a lot of movies from there and “seeing the latest” isn’t that important to me. As you can only stream stuff that is in iTunes that rules out all the stuff I have from ripped DVD’s, eyeTV etc (without doing a huge conversion task) and to be honest the way I have things set up I can actually stream (although not particularly well) from one mac to another anyway!

    BUT Apple is typically American – it determines what it thinks is best for you and in so doing only really focuses on the top 20%. The iPod was a product for the masses, the AppleTV and iPhone are products for the few! Personally iIthink there is a flaw in that. It is like sharpening a pencil – they keep narrowing their market (ok windows on a mac theoretically opens it out) and charging more for products, but isn’t this just narrowing their real customer base. By putting more affordable products into consumers hands they have a broader base to sell the expensive products to over time. At the moment is seems that although they are broadening their product range they are narrowing their actual market in real terms as I can’t see the majority of people wanting distributed digital media throughout their homes as a priority. It is a little confusing as iLife is all about getting a LOT of people using their mac, but they haven’t pushed 07 yet.

    I think we will see a lot more this year as they add some depth and breadth to this strategy.

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