Miglia lets you be LocationFree™ on your Mac

I received this Press Release the other day and have been a little tardy in posting about it, so I am just going to paste the whole thing in:

London, UK, 27 February 2007 – Miglia Technology, a leading manufacturer of digital media products, today announced its dedicated Apple Mac OS X based software for the Sony LocationFree™ Base Station.

LocationFree (OS X), is a groundbreaking software package designed especially for your Mac, working with the Sony’s LocationFree™ Base Station. It enables you to stream wirelessly a TV or Video signal from your front room via your Broadband hub to your Mac Desktop wherever you may be. Imagine watching the TV in your front room, wirelessly in the back garden on your Mac laptop, or even in your hotel room whilst traveling.

With Miglia’s innovative LocationFree(OSX) software and the Sony’s LocationFree™ Base Station you can watch live TV wirelessly on your Mac, play back recorded programmes and even set up future recordings from your Mac desktop anywhere. The Sony LocationFree™ Player, will support up to four externally connected devices like a DVD player/recorder or satellite receiver.

“At Miglia we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology,” says Simon Ellson, CEO, “LocationFree™ is certainly up there with the greatest communications technologies at the moment and Miglia couldn’t be happier to make this functionality available to the Apple Macintosh user.”

Whether you fancy BBC1 in Bali or CNN in China this ingenious software package makes this fantasy a reality. The Sony™ LocationFree™ Base Station together with the LocationFree(OSX) software offers just that. The TV signal from your cable box, satellite receiver or DVR(Digital Video Recorder) at home is streamed to your Broadband hub and sent over the internet and then cleverly “re-directed” to your Mac, no matter where you may be as long as your Mac has access to a Broadband connection.

Key Features

• View your home TV anywhere in the world with this software package designed exclusively for the Mac and the Sony LocationFree™ Base Station
• Control your home TV by changing channels, viewing recorded material or scheduling future recording where ever you may be.
• Requires a Sony LocationFree™ Player and Broadband Internet access
• Access and control any two STB devices connected to the LocationFree™ Player.

Mac Compatibility
Mac OXSX 10.4
QuickTime 6.4 or later.
512 Ram or greater.
CPU clock: 867MHz or higher, Processor G4.

For more information about Sony LocationFree products and technology, please visit http://www.sony.co.uk/locationfree
*“LocationFree” is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

About Miglia
Miglia is a manufacturer of both computer and consumer electronics accessories for your digital lifestyle. The company’s products leverage high-end audio, video and voice technologies and apply them to the broader consumer marketplace. Miglia’s vision is to provide digital lifestyle accessories that enhance the users experience. Founded in 2001, the company began life as a leading provider of Macintosh accessories and now has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and Taiwan.

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