My New Macs Ordered

Have just ordered a Mac mini and a Mac Book off the Apple site here in Spain. I thought about buying them in the States and getting them shipped here but by the time I added the cost of shipping and the ‘risk’ of customs, compared to the VAT that I claim back in Europe through my business, no delivery costs or insurance/customs risks it was only marginally more to buy them here.

After all the problems I had before with TNT I am somewhat skeptical BUT I have emailed the guy a Apple that helped me last time and given him the order number. He has said he will try and ensure all goes well!

I have received the confirmation email so the clock starts ticking now! Although it says they should ship in 3 business days, it seems like they are saying delivery around the 10th May.

At least that gives me a couple of days to work out what data is going to go where!

4 thoughts on “My New Macs Ordered

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    Basic level:

    Mac mini is the 1.66Ghz Core Dup with 512RAM and 60GB HD as it will only be used hooked up to the TV

    Mac Book is the White 13″ 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo with 1GB RAM and 80GB HD as longer term it will be Sands notebook, so in the meantime is really a ‘stop gap’ to cover the ocassional time when I will need one.

  2. Nick Young

    Congrats! You’ll have to write a review about how well the mini works hooked up to your TV. I’ve been considering doing the same since I’m not too keen to the limitations of the AppleTV. Enjoy the new hardware 🙂

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