PhotoPrinto – for printing great albums


“With PhotoPrinto ($29.95), you can create gorgeous photo albums using scores of great templates and effects, while importing your images directly from iPhoto!”

On their web site SmileOnMyMac give three reasons why you would want to use PhotoPrinto:

Want to do something really special with your iPhoto collection?
– PhotoPrinto makes it easy to put your photos into a printable photo album!

Need to make a unique gift that’s both personal and beautiful?
– A custom photo album design with PhotoPrinto is just the thing!

Want to streamline your digital scrapbooking?
– PhotoPrinto can automatically layout your pages with your custom designs, and save your scrapbook as a single file that can be printed, uploaded to the web, or converted into a PDF.

Who am I to argue. It does all those things with the ease and simplicity I love from all their applications, and as you would by now expect – it works well when converting to a PDF.

As I have said before with these type of applications I am not a big printer of photographs, but I have been doing a little more recently, especially after taking the photographs at my friends sons go-karting birthday party at the weekend, and I am slowly starting to appreciate what these applications can do in terms of adding fun to your photographic enjoyment. As such, if you are looking for an application to do this task I think you could do a lot worse than look at PhotoPrinto.

With PhotoPrinto, you can…

* Print photo albums on your inkjet or color printer

* Start with fabulous templates or make your own

* Design gorgeous albums or single sheets

* Import photos from iPhoto or a folder

* Make attractive page layouts and photo arrangements with ease

* Adorn your photos with fantabulous frames

* Enliven photos with captions, cropping, soft edges, and other effects

* Automate album creation with AppleScript

System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.2.5 or later.

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