Product Review: Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet

Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet

Something I enjoy about reviewing a product is how much I usually learn myself. So at the risk of telling you things that you already know Masuri offer their products in three ranges: E LINE, T LINE and C LINE, which not surprisingly align with Elite, Test and Club, making any decision as to the level of protection and features you require pretty straight forward.

Combine this with the fact that all helmets come in either Titanium or Steel and you can see clearly that for someone of my age and ability the Masuri C LINE Steel Helmet (£49.99) is all that I really required.

The Vision Series confuses the above a little but as they offer Vision Series Elite, Vision Series Test and Vision Series Steel in both Titanium and Steel it is really simple to follow!

The Vision Series have blue with yellow writing branding where the grill attaches, the LINE series have a yellow background with blue writing, which is something that has sort of bugged me for years but I was always too lazy to investigate.

The Vision Series is a little different.

The grills come in two styles, although they can not be swapped or replaced so you need to ensure your helmet of choice has the grill of choice as well. I would like to say there was a pattern to their use, but there isn’t.

You will have to navigate through features such as Eye-Line, Twin Shell, Halo and Airflow as well ….. or just print the page off the site and throw a dart at it!

So one way or another I opted for the Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet with Eye-Line, Single Shell and Airflow. Way beyond my needs, but in my defence I went with Steel and no Stem Guard, although at £39.99 rather than £55 I may be tempted even though it would be totally over the top for the cricket I play!

NB: I have subsequently (an inevitably) bought the Stem Guard.

My Review

The Helmet: Out of the box the helmet shouts quality! It feels reassuringly protective, and as you handle it you become aware of how light it is, a fact reinforced the moment that you put it on.

It has a really nice snug fit, and I liked the additional foam inserts which you use to adjust the size of the helmet.

The chin strap is comfortable and not too long: I have a thing about dangling straps! The vision is great as you would expect …. after all I have bought an Elite product as used by the Pros so why am I telling you all this, the helmet is great!

It is more than I will (hopefully) ever need unless I get invited to a net session with the Pros (now that would be a benefit of having donated my 2020 memberships to both Yorkshire and Warwickshire), but I am extremely happy with it and can’t fault the cost with respect to the quality.

The Service: I was made aware of Elite Lids through an article in a members newsletter from Yorkshire Cricket Club describing the business that Tom Kohler-Cadmore had set up with his brother, Ben. I was intrigued that in addition to selling Masuri helmets at really good prices they take your club badge (you just need to send in a high quality JPEG), and embroider it onto the helmet for the incredibly low cost of £5.

I will start then by saying that the quality of the badge on the helmet is excellent: same quality as used by the pros, and even at my advanced years if you can’t play like one you can at least look like one!

When ordering you have an option to upload a high quality image: JPG, JPEG, JPE, PMG or GIF are accepted with a maximum file size of 1 MB.

As the Penkridge Badge has blue writing which didn’t show up at all on the blue helmet they emailed a version with white font for approval before processing the order. There was a 2-3 day turn around and the helmet arrived within 5 days of placing the order, so absolutely no complaints with that.

Reviewing a company on line is hard as they usually don’t manufacture the products so is a case of shop front (website), sales person (emails), and customer care (hopefully not really needed). I was more than happy with their site and the level of communication received, not only in answering my various questions but also in offering impartial advice. Without doubt they came over as friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

I have no hesitation in recommending these guys whether it be to ‘just’ buy a helmet, or to have a club badge embroidered on your new helmet.

Manufacturers Product Description

This helmet is FULLY BS7928:2013 COMPLIANT. Leading the way and defining the industry standard in cricket helmet manufacturing, Masuri is the only cricket helmet manufacturer that has ISO accredited factories and processes, giving you reassurance that all of its products are made to a consistently high standard.

Built for maximum protection and comfort, this helmet boasts Masuri’s unique safety features including the HALO REINFORCEMENT SYSTEM for greater durability, AIR-FLOW COOLING SYSTEM for comfort and the Masuri SINGLE SHELL for extra protection.

The Elite model takes technology to another level with the introduction of the patented EYE-LINE GRILLE for added protection for a players face and STEEL GRILLE making the helmet incredibly light.

Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet
Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet Side View
Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet Front View
Masuri E LINE Steel Helmet Inside View

Purchased from Elite Lids: Paid £109.99* MRP £130 (* + £5 for Club Badge)

NB: Discount offered on two or more helmets and they happy to discuss discounts on larger orders.

About The Review

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