Product Review: WB Classic Wheelie Duffle Bag

Am quite the fan of Williamson Boucher (@bouchercricket), both the people and their products, and I am a sucker for a cricket bag (luckily I do need a lot with all the No Boundaries Cricket Club (@nbcccic) kit (and yes my own), so it was inevitable that when Gareth told me they were adding a cricket bag to their range I was going to have to get one.

This is not just any cricket bag though:

  • International test bag, international test ergonomic model, optimally designed craftsmanship
  • Very Large in size
  • Hard wearing fabric for durability
  • Separate polyethene compartment for double bat storage
  • Heavy-duty integrated corner wheel system for the most rugged surfaces
  • The customized handle on to the side for easy lifting
  • Wheelie

And …

Serves as a Wheelie and a Duffle, very durable (as they say) and with a padlock secured section at the back for your valuables! I really like the way they have branded the straps as well.
That black bit at the top is a USB and Audio Out socket so you can hook up your audio player/phone which sits in a pocket inside the bag, the first bag I have owned with this feature, although I am not sure I will use it as I don’t fdio much more than carry my bag from the car to the changing room but if you were travelling any sort of distance I can see this being useful.
Air Flow Technology no less, which may just look like two holes to you and me, but again a good idea. The bag has a section at the back which will take three bats, but not if you use bat covers, unless you cut the divides to accommodate the bats – sorry Gareth but you shouldn’t have sold me so many bats! The aforementioned Air Flow Technology section will take two pairs of ‘boots’ (in their shoe bags), and the top section accommodates a helmet, cap etc. The main section has a few mesh sections to help keep things in place, but I have just dumped by Pads, Gloves, Thigh Guard andBox in and have split my clothes and various accessories in the four side pockets (two each side)

At £119 it isn’t cheap, nor is it the most expensive on the market, but it is a really good bag that I don’t think you would regret buying.

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