Refurbished PUMA Cricket Bat (Butterfly Willow)

I have bought this as a bit of an experiment and to use myself as an indoor net bat against a bowling machine with it been made from Butterfly Willow. It would make a really good bat for a club cricketer though for match day use as the ping is brilliant and the pick up very well balanced, with a middle to high sweet spot.

Butterfly willow is a cleft with a natural stain in it. This stain can be in the form of just a small mark as in the emperor or in a lot of colour throughout the blade. The grain structure in this willow is second too non but get overlooked due to the stain and its performance is incredibly impressive and has a tendency to feel a little firmer whilst still performing to a top level. They tend to be inherently stronger in their structure due to the stain but the payback is that you don’t get so much choice in lighter clefts. The most common weight choices in this grade is 2-10 upwards

The sellers description was for a Puma Bat, 9 straight grains with two butterfly stains. It came with a scuff sheet which I decided to leave on as was new and the bat was intended for my own use BUT I will sell it if someone wants it.

To be clear this is a PUMA bat NOT a TON bat.

Original photo from seller showing scuff sheet.
Original photo from seller showing no damage and a thick edge.
TON stickers and grip because I had them and a lot of my own stuff is TON
Left the Puma toe guard on
Rear of bat.
A slight curvature and a thick edge it is a good looking bat.

Weight: 2lb 9oz

Price: £75 Sold

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