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Remembering Teo

A month ago we said a sad goodbye to our extremely proud and handsome Teo.

A month is no time at all.

A month is 10 walks on the beach without him goofing around in the water, and then disappearing into the nature reserve so he could explore: all the time being aware of where we were and always ending up at the return point just slightly ahead of us as if to say where had we been!

A month is 20 walks on the Nature Reserve watching him play with Tigra (and for a short period Tito), always in charge, always very much his own man, he ruled the Nature Reserve and all that he came across.

A month is 4 visits to a favourite bar where once a week he liked to sit and have a few tapas and say hello to everyone that passed by.

A month is 31 mornings waking up without his big smile greeting you.

A month is 31 nights trying to find room in the bed as he sprawled across it taking up as much room as he wanted.

A month is one pet transport to Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK without any updates from him, and no big bouncy return the moment you walk through the door.

A month is 4 weekends on the sofa watching Box Sets or sport and sharing the Nachos!!!

A month is for forever.

Photo Collage

It started with Orla, continued with Sophie and is now Teo’s turn to have a collage on our ‘memorial wall’. Six (6) photos that depict his time with us, and his pet passport now framed alongside those of Orla and Sophie.


We have also retired his leads, collars and Pod Tracker, and they now hang on the wall as well.

If you are interested in a photo lead holder then I suggest you email as he did a great job!

Pet Photos

Every year we take a photograph of the pets in September, and we leave the last one on the wall when they had died so now Teo has his his last photo on the wall.


On my left arm I have a Graffiti wall with various bits and pieces relating to all the animals. I have a outline of Teo, his name and a cheeky one of him cocking his leg to always remind me of his time with us.

On my right arm I have a memorial wall with all their dates, pet passports, microchips etc so he now has his birth date and departed date, his paw and name in the Never Forgotten – Forever Loved section, and every sTEp On every day the phrase that I said to him every day during his treatment so he knew he wasn’t alone, and which I now look at every day to let him know he will always be with us.

Ashes to Ashes

And finally his ashes sit alongside those of Orla and Sophie. One day we will take all the pets ashes, add them to our own and all be scattered together.

Please watch the video below to see photos of all the above, and listen to History of My Heart from the TV Series Nashville, a favourite of Teo’s as we spent many an hour together on the Sofa watching Box set after Box set.

Other Videos

If you haven’t already seen them you may like these two videos:

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