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Saidi: Happy Birthday and Anniversary

Today is a big day for me as I was adopted on my birthday, so a double celebration: I am fourteen (14) years old and have been living with Chris and Sands for eleven (11) years.

I spent the first three (3) years of my life on the street, and had several litters including Moreno who was adopted about two (2) years before me, but I have known Sands for 11.5 years as she got to know me when she started feeding me, my kittens and some friends on the street. She re-homed most of my fellow street cats to Germany, but decided to adopt me ….. without telling Chris!

Life has certainly been good since then …………..

No surprise I am not quite as active as I used to be, but to be honest I have never been that active and as a rule keep myself to myself. I have a routine that works well for me, and I am still able to stick to that routine albeit a little slower at times!

My mornings start with a jump onto the bed and a fuss with Chris and Sands, then I pop off to ‘do my stuff’ before joining the other cats for our mousse, which I love! Typically then I pop up onto the roof for a sniff around and a sleep in the sunshine.

My afternoons are typically spent out on the balcony (see photo below), where I seem to spend a lot of time these days with Hollie, the other ‘old girl’ of the house.

We have access to dry food all day which I like as I can have a small meal regularly, and as I have got older I have found that it is often delivered to me, although I am still able (and happy) to jump up on the side in the office where it is kept.

Evenings I like to sit on a knee (not too fussy who’s) for an hour or so, then i head off to my bed under Chris & Sands bed, and then when they come to bed I jump up for a good night fuss before settling down for the night.

I am not particularly sociable. I will let other cats snuggle up to me but as a rule I tend to tell them to f*ck off if they get too close, and they have pretty much got the message.

Later this year we are heading over to the UK to live, but i am assured that my life wont be much different and log burners and central heating and lost of new cat beds sounds very good indeed, as does our own secure are awith shed, heating and amenities!

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