Second Honeymoon

I have always enjoyed reading, but haven’t really read a particularly wide range of writers or styles over the years. Over the last 5+ years I have read less than at any other time in my life.

This year I made a conscious effort to not only read more, but to read a wider range of books. I have no plan, basically will pick up and everything. The only rule I have is that I must finish everything I start, and with the exception of books that I am reviewing I can only have one book ‘on the go’ at a time.

I have just finished Second Honeymoon by Joanna Trollope. Sandra has read her books for years and I have picked the odd one up from time to time and found them OK. I would have to say the same about Second Honeymoon. It is a very ‘nice’ story about a 21st Century family, where the children all leave home, father is happy, mother wants them all back, and then in a series of events they all end up back at home at the same time. None of the events are remarkable, but the fact that they all happen at the same time, and in such an obvious manner is very unlikely.

I doubt the book took much brain power to write, but that is fine as it doesn’t take much to read! A pleasant enough book to read, I doubt very much that I will remember much about it in a weeks time. I didn’t find that I couldn’t put it down nor did I ever feel a compelling urge to return to it. It sat by the side of the bed for a long time and only got to read a page or so at a time. I think the main problem was that there were too many characters, without any depth to the story so it was just too hard to ‘get into’.


3 thoughts on “Second Honeymoon

  1. Darren Rolfe

    I’ve got one for you, if you’re interested.

    I have just found it again and I’m in the middle of reading it again as I enjoyed it so much.

    The interesting twist is that whole story is told through email messages around the offices of an advertising agency.

    Very, very funny.

    read the reviews check the link and let me know if you want me to pop in the post.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    I have read that – 3 or 4 years ago in Portugal when rehabbing my knee after having cruciate ligament replaced.

    Was a good book – an interesting concept.

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