Skype on the iPhone!

More a ‘proof of concept’ and certainly a very (very) complicated workaround but appears that using Skype on your iPhone (which it seems that 1 in 3 American’s want – the iPhone not Skype on the iPhone that is) is becoming more of a possibility:

“The Skype-on-iPhone solution is described as a “workaround-around” using a remote control application, SoonR, to remotely use the Skype application running on the user’s desktop computer, and make the calls from there.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, however.

SoonR Talk is an AJAX application running on the Opera browser (which has to be installed on the iPhone). It connects to the desktop via the SoonR server, and then SoonR Talk sets up the call.

It dials out from Skype and makes a SkypeOut call to the mobile, conferencing the two calls together. This uses at least one and possibly two paid SkypeOut calls, which in many cases may still be substantially cheaper than dialling direct from the iPhone. For instance, unlimited SkypeOut credits for dialling can be bought for $30 per year.” Macworld

11 thoughts on “Skype on the iPhone!

  1. Mac Sokulski

    This is getting more interesting by the minute. Now last week I heard rumours from my company’s Telus (cell provider) that the iPhone might be carried by them instead of Rogers. Interesting thing is that Telus is a CDMA carrier, not GSM. So could there be a CDMA version of the iPhone in the works?

  2. Mac Sokulski

    I heard that the iPhone is being tested in Japan, and they are also on CDMA…. Cross my fingers…

  3. Mac Sokulski

    Good question, I believe it is still right over left, as it the natural way. 🙂

  4. Danny

    Another feature that should have been in the iPhone in the first place that has been worked out. Now just have to wait till whenever it gets to the UK!

  5. Mac Sokulski

    Well the rumours are getting stronger. Every one is talking about a new version of the iphone coming in the next month or so. Everyone is speculating that it is going to be a nano version. Well from the talks I hear around my “hood”… it’s going to be a CDMA version of the iphone. Now I’m actually getting excited! 🙂

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    When will you learn??!!! Never, I repeat never get excited about Apple rumours – now I am going to have to talk through them all again with Tim 🙂

  7. Mac Sokulski

    I’m too new to Apple to have learned that yet. Sorry to be excited, this phone is any geeks dream. I’m going to put my head under a cold shower now…..

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    Really – a ‘geeks dream’? I see it more as a Apple Disciples blindly following the masses phone – think there is a lot more that they could do before it became a Geeks phone!

    – control your TV
    – open your garage door
    – convert speach into text and SMS
    – act as video intercom for your apartment access

    Now those start to make it ‘geeky’ to me 🙂

  9. Mac Sokulski

    Shhh… that’s coming in v3.0 …. don’t go giving out all the secrets 🙂

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