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I see that XtremeMac have launched a new armband for the iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano 3G and the iPhone.

I have tried this type of armband before and really didn’t like it so I wont be looking at one of these, BUT I should start to have a think about what I should get for Sands iPod Nano 3G (which I have still to get her) and the iPhone. I am not sure that she wil be running yet with the Nano as her current Nano and Nike+ accessories works fine, but I have been running with the iPhone and I think a good case and some headphones that actually allow you to answer the phone as well could be the way to go.

What have you seen that looks good, or what are you actually using that you could recommend?

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  1. jeremy

    This is the closest of your blogs to what I wanted to say.

    I bought this week a protective case for my 3G Nano. It is a black ‘Biscuit’. Having looked at the options, I bought it from SwitchEasy’s European operation based in Germany. I saved several pounds buying it this way, compared to the rip off price I’d have had to pay from a british site. In the end, I got it including the higher VAT and postage from Germany for a few pence more than the price without post & packing from a UK company. It arrived in two days too!

  2. jeremy

    @ Chris

    This is the page you were asking about. I heard a review of this case on a podcast last week ( don’t remember which one) . It is a thing of beauty. In fact I may have to get a case to put it in to keep it shiny haha. It comes with a lanyard, as well as a little adaptor cable in case your earphones jack is too fat ( you could nick it off Sands to use with your iPhone!!

    The only things I don’t like are the scroll wheel protector, it spoils the look; and the fact that the sticky tab to help place the protective film for the back of the Nano, leaves a glue residue when you remove it. That can be shifted but it is annoying.

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