TextMate Update

It is a while since I reviewed TextMate v1.5.2, and at the time it was somewhat beyond my limited capabilities, plus I wasn’t a particular big user of text editors in general.

That has all changed over the recent months, so I have just taken a look at TextMate again and am really liking the 2007-03-04: REVISION 1368.

For the more technically minded this is what they have resolved in this release:

[NEW] PHP bundle: Option-escape will provide completion candidates for the current (partially typed) function name and option-F1 will show a tool-tip with short documentation and call syntax for the current function (press ctrl-H to go to the manual page). All standard functions have been added to the normal completion on escape, allowing you to cycle through them.

[NEW] Objective-C bundle: The Cocoa Completion command now supports completing class names e.g. [NSObj will suggest NSObject and NSObjectController. Also WebKit methods can now be looked up using the Selector Command, they are also included as suggestions when doing method completion.

[CHANGED] When an environment variable called TM_MINIMIZE_PARENS is set to YES, the assert_* snippets, that do not take a block, in the Ruby bundle will insert their content without wrapping arguments in parentheses. This is to make the methods more compatible with common Rails style, though it does not follow the Rails convention to the letter. I will entertain requests to add this functionality to other snippets on a case by case basis.

[NEW] Support/lib/scriptmate.rb: Pressing ^C while running a Ruby, Perl, or Python script will send a SIGINT to the script.

[FIXED] Using tm_dialog to open a window from a command getting the Save As dialog would effectively block TM (by never closing the Save As sheet)

[FIXED] Using the Edit in TextMate where the temporary file name contained an accented character (which could be represented both as pre- and decomposed unicode) would generally not work (i.e. updates done to the document in TextMate was not sent back to the calling application)

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