The MacReviewCast Welcomes Glenn Wolsey to #102

Welcome to episode 102 of the MacReviewCast, I want to thank you for downloading and listening to the podcast. We have a lot of great folks on today’s episode with their reviews and comments on software, hardware and websites that make using the Mac special. Plus I’ll have the top freeware Mac apps of the week and much more.

Here is the freeware and shareware I look at during the podcast:
Super Empty Trash:
No Thick manuals:
Google Desktop:

David Sparks Reviews: Spanning Sync:

This week we welcome a new addition to the MacReviewCast family, Glenn Wolsey. Glenn writes for MacApper and Gadgetell among other online and traditional media. This week Glenn Wolsey looks at the following Mac Stuff:
Red Snapper:

This week we are talking to our friend from Spain, Chris Marshall. here is what he talked about:
MyMacGames :
SoundStudio 3:

Trent Armstrong from the website joins us. This week he gives us his first in a series of Mannerscast mixing with MacReviewCast lessons. This lesson is on correct emailing.

Robert Pritchett from the joins us today. Here is what we talk about
The April issue of the macCompanion Magazine.

Jeff Powell joins us today. Here is what he discusses
Free quality iLife
from Apple covering iPhoto, Garageband, iTunes, iMovie
HD, iDVD and iWeb.
iPod helps save the life os a US Troop currently
serving in Iraq.
Free content for your Apple TV with Archive.Org
Significant price drops across the board on all Apple Cinema Displays

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1 thought on “The MacReviewCast Welcomes Glenn Wolsey to #102

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    My Blog – it has been a really busy week with the new theme working really well, and the speed significantly better. I have also started to get a more articles submitted from some friends that I have made through the site which is great. Matt posted some excellent advice on buying from eBay and shared with us his joy with the MacBookPro he picked up. Mark wrote an interesting piece on Firefox, which has got me looking at Camino.

    I also picked up my first ever sponsor MyMacGames

    Reviews – a busy week. A bit like London buses, they all seemed to come to completion at the same time! I am really impressed with SoundStudio3 a good all rounder of an application which is perfect for someone like me. I would like to say more about the v-moda headphones, but my wife stole them. She loves them, and I thought they were really good the few times that I have been able to get my ears on them. The latest version of Yep seems to be an improvement, and at least no one got mad at me this time.

    Apple News – Mac priced up the new 8 Core Mac Pro – $16k for a Mac!!!!!. We have spoken before about the price differences between countries but Adobe are really pushing it this time with a 130% mark up in the UK over the US.

    My Projects – Haven’t had time!!!!!

    One More Thing – RSS feeds! I was horrified with how many accumulated on afternoon when I went ‘missing in action’ so on Tuesday I am going to let them all build up and see how many I get in a day. I would love to hear from people on their volume!

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