The Week That Was 26/03

Last week my eye seemed to be drawn to either CS3 or AppleTV news, although I will start with an item that isn’t exactly exciting, but will end up costing me money as my wife is a big fan of Nike + so the fact that they are going to expand the range is good news for her.

I have already posted about the CS3 prices in Canada, but I was also intrigued that Adobe plan to webcast the launch tomorrow. For those of you that can’t wait the probable packages have already been “revealed”.

So the AppleTV is out. There seemed to be much debate as to whether or not it would work with standard definition TV’s of would you need a new TV to make it work? The answer seemed to be …….. maybe! or no!

Now personally the AppleTV holds no interest for me – largely because I don’t really have one ‘main’ TV, I already have two Macs hooked up to two different TV’s both with eyeTV working, and I have an ethernet network that makse moving movies around between Mac’s OK. I don’t want to buy a new TV, or a new router, and I don’t want to start busying my movies off iTunes. SO bias to one side these 10 reasons not to but an AppleTv made sense to me, and these 5 sort of sealed the deal.

I have already gone down the route of connecting a Mac mini to the TV and I will buy another one in due course to save having to swap the screen over all the time. For those of you thinking of doing the same this article gives some good information.

Moving away from the AppleTV (yes please!) a quick flip through the rest of the Apple news threw up redesigned iMacs (possibly), the schedule for WWDC07, and a Leopard is delayed, no it isn’t debate.

Moving over to look at some photography news GIMP running natively on OS X could be very interesting. I would certainly be going to the Aperture event at the Tate in Liverpool if I was in the UK. Finally, this articl explaining Focal Length and Aperture was really clear and makes either a good reminder or a good introduction depending on your skill set!

Oh yes – I always knew Cats were smart and loved Macs!!!

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