TheMacPak 5 – 3 great mac applications for $5.00

TheMacPak, a popular new mac discounts site, today announced TheMacPak 5, the next in a line of fun, exciting and innovative Macintosh bundles planned over the next few months. Starting today, and lasting for 5 more days, TheMacPak 5 includes 3 amazing Mac applications for just $5.00. That’s why it’s called TheMacPak 5.

To get the huge discount, TheMacPak have agreed to not reveal the names of the applications to anyone but buyers, so there’s only one way to find out what’s inside – buy the bundle!

“We’re very excited to be working with more developers to offer another bundle, at a very affordable price,” said Mark Howson, Manager and Owner of TheMacPak, “We’ve also improved our payment system to ensure faster delivery of serial numbers to all buyers, something that we’re aware annoyed some buyers during the previous bundle purchasing season for our premier bundle.”

TheMacPak also recently unveiled a new site, with enhanced community features including a forum, to make the support process for all bundles as transparent as possible, and also to let people speculate as to what apps might be included in this and future bundles.


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1 thought on “TheMacPak 5 – 3 great mac applications for $5.00

  1. Christopher Wagner

    My TheMacPak experience was not at all what it should have been. It just should not take a couple of weeks (or more, in my case), to get licenses, and data handling should be smoother so that misspellings are not a factor. MacZot has this down to a fine science and my MacHeist experience was also very good.

    The Macster developer explained things from his side which illustrated a frustrated developer trying to work with Mark’s data, which he could not make sense of. Mark is no doubt a hard working guy getting “buzz” going on the shareware front, but more organization is needed to make the customer experience much smoother.

    We will see how TMP5 goes to see for sure

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