Training Update

Two months in and I think things are going ok! I have been running 10km all month and I think the week off helped my legs. I must admit though that the way I feel at the end of 10km is somewhat worrying in terms of doing another 10. I keep trying to imagine turning round and doing it again and it is not a pleasant thought at all.

I now have to see what 15km feels like this week. I also need to establish the pattern that I want to adopt throughout the month in terms of a daily schedule.

I am going to run on either the 29th or the 31st of the month. I will run at 2pm so I will do all my running at 2pm during the month. I have been doing this for the last couple of weeks and it has been tough as it is still pretty hot here but hopefully as the weather cools down and I get fitter it will be less of an issue.

I need to ensure that I have enough fuel on board before running so am looking at a diet of banana, porridge and two pieces of toast for breakfast. I am then snacking on a couple of pieces of fruit in the morning, and then a banana and a energy bar (or jaffa cakes preferably) before I run. I am drinking a litre of isotonic drink before I run and a lot of water. During the run I plan to have Sands provide me with some fluids and jaffa cakes at a few points.

I have just bought some new Nike running shoes which I didn’t realise until I got home have the space for the Nike+ sports kit, so that is handy as I need to use Sands on the day to confirm the distance, and I will probably use it a couple of times during the month to check the distances that I am running. I am pretty sure that I can do the 20km in a figure of 8 around the marina and along the beach.

If you are so inclined there are a number of ways in which you could support the run:

There is a online sponsor form set up:

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You can download the sponsor form and get your friends and family to sponsor me.

Any support much appreciated of course.

6 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. Mac Sokulski

    Wow 15km…. I just realized that is the distance from my house to downtown Edmonton. Very impressive…. very.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well you could have stopped and offered me a lift rather than drive past me 🙂

    Seriously I am chuffed. That is the furthest I have ever run and I really felt pretty good – certainly the most optomistic I have felt about the full 20 km yet!!

    Mind you I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning so I better reserve judgement 🙂

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well the good news today is that I can still walk and have some energy. Next step will be to see how it feels when I repeat the run tomorrow!

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