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Regular readers of the site will know Tom and the work he has done on my site, on a number of plugins that we have worked on and of course his own application TuneBar.

TuneBar is a easy to use application that allows you to access iTunes through any application on your computer. It is designed around the idea that it will take up only the minimal amount of screen space by sliding underneath the menu bar when not in use. This controller gives you access to the most fundamental features of iTunes such as Play/Pause, Back Track, Next Track, Volume and more from with in any running application on your computer.

Tom has been developing the application in-between other projects and it is good to see that he is going to be making Version 2.7 available for $6.95 on the 14th September via the MacUpdate Promo. This is a one day only promotion, and as the license includes a code for Version 3.0 it is well worth it. I have been testing Version 3.0 throughout its development and can honestly say that it is a great looking application, in particular the skins and added functionality.

I reviewed TuneBar sometime ago, in fact when it was known as TuneX. What was interesting for me re reading the review was that almost a year to the day from the original review I am very much a Hot Key user, and have grown to love Growl.

The key differences in 2.7 are:

  • improved playlists menu
  • improved stability
  • improved controller

So do yourself a favour on the 14th, head on over to MacUpdate and grab yourself a copy!

Version 3 Sneak Preview

On the basis that Tom has this up on his own blog I am sure I can give you a sneak preview of what Version 3 will look like, in principle:


As he said on his blog, and as I have subsequently found out, he has indeed improved on this!


NB as you will have no doubt gather, this is a feature post. I know Tom personally and am more than happy to helping him promote this application.

15 thoughts on “TuneBar 2.7 Promotion

  1. Tom Hancocks

    All existing codes for TuneBar 2 (TuneX) unless otherwise stated will work on ALL future releases of TuneBar. So if I was releasing 4.0 a 2.0 code would still be good for it.

  2. Mac Sokulski

    Sounds like something I need. I really like the sneak peak at v3. Looks very nice…

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Wayne – I need to learn to make myself clearer I guess “and as the license includes a code for Version 3.0 it is well worth it”

    @Tom – of course not 🙂

  4. Mac Sokulski

    Dugg it…. I hope I did it properly…. I don’t usually post to digg.

  5. Mac Sokulski

    Pretty damn slick if I can say so. Would love to see version 3. Good job Tom.

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Mac & Wayne – Tom is now pretty much into developing for Leapord as the latest developer version is pretty robust and impressive BUT I will sort out a sneak look at V3 for you asap.

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