Version 3.0 Update

I have had a really constructive weekend working on V3.0 of the blog. I don’t want to give too much away (obviously) but I do want to share some things with you, not least because you will (hopefully) notice a few changes to the current site as I try a few things out.

I am doing two sets of ‘testing’ – I have a hidden site that I am doing the vast majority of the development on, but at the same time I need to see how certain things work on the actual site.

Long and short – hopefully nothing will ‘go wrong’ but your patience and understanding is appreciated and any observations and suggestions more than welcome.

I could also do with some help!!!

I am really struggling to set up domain forwarding in Media Temple. Anybody got any experience with that? One option seems to be .htaccess, but I can’t get that working.

I use and like the Post Teaser plugin, but as with most of these things it cuts off the post in the RSS readers. Anyone got a work around/plugin for this, or can suggest a plugin combination that will automatically do this?

Anyone set up and used Quoter and can explain it in simple one syllable words?

I like the idea of the Related Posts plugin – again anyone got any experience and instructions?

Thanks, in advance.

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