vlogsnapz.producer ($29.95) is the only application you need to videoblog on the Mac. Complete all your tasks in minutes with vlogsnapz.producer’s powerful yet easy-to-use interface. vlogsnapz.producer is designed to accommodate both beginner and pro alike. Beginners use “tasks” to be guided through all the actions needed to record and upload to the service of your choice. Pros use a professionally designed interface to record and navigate through clips.

Thoughts and Comments

First let me caveat this review with the observation that I am knew to video-casting. In fact to say I was ‘into’ video-casting would be a gross exaggeration. I have recently started to shoot some video stuff over on AlmerimarLife, but these are just short clips at the moment.

However, even the small amount that I do has shown me just how frustrating and time consuming it is uploading the same movie to multiple sites, and lets face it that is something you are more than likely going to be doing. I am using blip.tv and You Tube for AlmerimarLife, and I use my .mac account for some personal stuff.

vlogsnapz has made life simpler, and quicker, in terms of posting the same video to multiple sites. After capturing of importing the video you can chose from a number of services.

  • youtube
  • blip.tv
  • Google Video
  • dailymotion
  • vimeo
  • pickle
  • viddyou
  • flickr
  • .mac
  • ftp
  • iPod/iPhone
  • appleTV
  • apple mail


The interface is clear and simple to use. I am no expert and not an advanced user but the basic adjustments and effects are good, and again easy to apply.

Integration with your Mac kit is completed with the ability to export the movies to your iPod, iPhone and AppleTV – which really is just adding to the pressure I am putting myself under to get both an iPhone and a AppleTV! At the moment I can only vouch for the iPod option but that works a treat.

All in all I really liked this product and am finding it very helpful indeed with the video work that I am doing. Very much the beginner end of the scale I will be interested to see how this stands up to my improving skills!!! For now though if you do any kind of video work and want to save time publishing to multiple sites this is worth it for that alone.

What They Say

Vlogsnapz.producer removes the need to use many expensive products just to get content online. The ability to record, edit, and upload media is provided by the application. Previously, users needed QuickTime Pro to record movies and a separetely-purchased compressor to re-encode videos for upload. Such purchases were expensive and resulted in a loosely-integrated workflow. In addition, these products do not include all the features of vlogsnapz.producer.

Vlogsnapz.producer allows the user to apply almost 100 video effects while recording. Example effects include color inversion and bump and twirl distortions. Once videos has been recorded, content can be further enhanced by adding titles. Titles can be applied over video or other backdrops.

Traditionally, organizing recorded media has hindered video bloggers from producing their content. Such individuals would need complex file organization to store different versions of recorded media. Vlogsnapz.producer eliminates the hassle providing an intuitive, library-based organization of clips. Thumbnails of recorded clips appear directly on the screen. Selected clips can be played in the window or full screen.


4 thoughts on “vlogsnapz

  1. Danny

    Sounds really neat – especially the multiple uploads. But I cant justify a purchase, as Im not a vlogger :p That would be taking software addiction to another level!

  2. Phil Campbell

    As one of the helpers on the software the multiple uploads to “syndicate” your videos in one shot *is* planned for a future “pro” version with lots of more features. I am a vlogger and intend to put up some screencasts of the software fairly soon.

    Hope you like it, i love it. Erics a great coder. Thanks for using vlogsnap(Z) – hehe, never get tired of saying the Z.


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